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6-Benzylamino Purine Technical

Chemical Formula: C12H11N5

Molecular Weight: 225.2

CAS NO. : 1214-39-7

Physio-chemical Properties:

Appearance: White spinal/needle crystals
Melting Point: 230-232 degrees C.
Solubility: Practically insoluble in water   and common organic solvents. Freely   soluble in warm ethanol. Sparingly   soluble in hot water and aqueous  solutions of dilute acid or alkaline. Relatively stable in acid or alkaline.


Grade-A Content: ≥98%
Grade-B Content: ≥95%

Usage & Functional Mechanism:

The high-efficiency cytokinin can accelerate cell division, cast off the burden of hibernation and promote germination. As a result, degradation of protein and chlorophyll will be efficiently prohibited. Additionally, it is intended for the purpose of plant growth regulation as well as plant tissue culture and bio-chemical tests.

Storage: Stored at a dry cool place.

Expiration Date:

It does not expire until the day of the second year   after the manufacturing date.

Packaging: Plastic bags or aluminium tins.

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