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Zhejiang Shenghua Biok Chemical Company Limited was co-invested by Zhejiang Shenghua Biok Biology Co., Ltd and Yuhe Reach Chemicals Co., Ltd. It is specialized in the field of manufacturing pesticide, veterinary, intermediate and various chemical raw materials as well as research and development of new products. Over the past yearsí development, it has been able to provide to the international clients with a big variety of chemical products through an extensive international sales network.  For a consecutive 3 years, it has been nominated by the state authority as the top 5 pesticide exporter in China.
Zhejiang Shenghua Biok Biology Co., Ltd , one of our shareholders, is a listed company in China Shanghai Stock Exchange.  It is one of the largest producers of pesticide, veterinary, intermediate and other chemical raw materials in China.  It has production plants in China Zhejiang province, Shandong province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. 
Yuhe Reach Chemicals Co., Ltd. another shareholder of ours, is focused on technology development and registration tasks on agrochemical products, it owns an advanced R&D center in the city of Shanghai.
We can supply the market with a wide range of chemical products, such as: Glyphosate, PMIDA, Abamectin, Paraquat, Dicamba, Acetochlor, 2,4D, Trazine etc.. In the meantime, we have also established good relationship with a number of domestic pesticide and chemical manufacturers.  Through our joint effort over the past years, we have successfully entered into the international market and created a win-win situation for all parties involved.  Our reliable and high efficient service has always won us good reputation, and because of this, we have established long term cooperation with many overseas purchasers.
We sincerely hope that we will be able to continue to provide our good service to our old business partners and to establish good relationship with new friends, in the spirit of mutual benefit, we shall together create a bright future.
-- One of the biggest hi-tech agrochemical producers in China.
-- Professional at import and export of pesticides and other products with itís research centers and factories in Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia and Shandong provinces as well as an operational office in Beijing
--Supported by a state-level R&D center
--One of the top pesticide exporters in China
--Supply a comprehensive range of pesticides produced by our own factory
--Offer a wide range of agrochemical products from China
--Develop hi-tech and highly marketable new products
--Provide qualified and professional materials for product registration in your market
--Fine quality products with stable/diversified supplies
--Competitive price to lower your cost
--Professional and high efficiency service
--Enlarge your market share through our work


Factories & Products
Major Products of Plant 1:
1.      Abamectin
2.      Ivermectin
3.      Salinomycin Sodium
Major Products of Plant 2:
1.      Glyphosate and PMIDA
2.      Acetochlor
3.      Trazine
Major Products of Plant 3
1.      Dicamba
2.      Paraquat
Major Products of Plant 4
1.      EC, SC, AS
2.      WDG, WP, SP, Granula
Other Plants


Manfacture Base
Our factory can produce hi-tech products according to international standards.  Equipments in its different plants are operating under GMP requirements.  It is able to produce pesticides, veterinary, intermediates and other chemical raw materials such as Abamectin, Maduramicin, Qiu Jia, Glyphosate, Dicamba, Paraquat etc..  To ensure the product quality, it has also established a center lab which has advanced test facilities and instruments.  In the technology of pesticide production, we are in a leading position in China.
Scientific Research Center
We have a provincial level research center which was established in 1999.  It covers an area of 700 acres.  There are 5 labs in the center which include: microorganism lab, biochemical lab, analysis and test lab, ferment lab and synthesis chemistry lab. There are also three departments in the center: management department, project department and market department.  The center has more than 80 sets of advanced equipment and test instruments.  It runs the process from developing and breeding to producing and magnifying.  The establishment of the research center has not only greatly improved the technical innovation capability, but also created enormous economic benefit for our company.    
Friendship Collaboration
The growth of the industry will be based on science and technology innovation. We have established close contact with big universities such as Fudan University, Nanjing Agriculture University, Shanghai Industrial Microorganism Institute, China Poultry Association Advanced Expert Consultation Center, China Agriculture Science Institute, Shanghai Poultry Verminosis, and Sichuan Bacteriophage Institute. We have built up an extensive information network through which we can understand any new technology development in the industry.  We have also invited experts in the industry to be our consultants in developing new products.  All these measures have ensured us to be one of the industrial leaders in high-tech biochemical engineering.        
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